St Andrew's Memorial Church, Grafton in 1908

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Question 1. Who organised a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Memorial Church, Grafton in 1908, recognized as the first Mother’s Day celebration?

Rosa Parks
Anna Jarvis
Mary Harris Jones
Anna Whistler

Question 2. Mother of Irene and Eve, which Polish born scientist is the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice?

Marie Curie
Rosalind Franklin
Lise Meitner
Dorothy Hodgkin

Question 3. Prince Chungthanglen, Rechungvar and Khupneivar are the sons of which proud mother and six time world champion?

Mirabai Chanu
MC Mary Kom
Kunjarani Devi
Sarita Devi

Question 4. Mother of Tara and Preetha, which Madras Christian College graduate was named the 3rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2008?

Indra Nooyi
Shikha Sharma
Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw
Naina Lal Kidwai

Question 5. In association with which organisation did WhatsApp recently introduce When Mother’s Day was first observed, various colours of which flower were used to symbolize whether your mother was living or not?


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