Special Edition Riddles

Hello Everyone, Play Special Edition Riddles Quiz and win Rs. 7500 is Live Now. 28 April 2020 to 13 May 2020 Quiz questions & answers are:

You can play the quiz and answered all questions correctly, and looks like you’re doing your part on keeping yourself informed. If You are looking fast and right answers here are all 5 correct answers of The Quiz.

How to Play Amazon Special Edition Riddles Quiz –

  1. Download Amazon App From Google – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazon.mShop.android.shopping&hl=en_IN OR Apple Store.
  2. Open & Sign in to the Amazon App.
  3. Find Amazon Special Edition Riddles Quiz, and if you are unable to find it. Then follow these steps:
    • Type in the search bar – “Quiz”
    • Then, click on the Fun Zone image
    • Here you will see all the list of quizzes.
  4. There will be a total of 5 questions
  5. Answer all Amazon Special Edition Riddles Quiz questions correctly.

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Amazon Quiz Answers:

I come in the middle of Monkeys and the beginning of Kangaroos. What am I?

  • A pouch
  • A tail
  • K
  • Stomach

I am always in time, but have never been in love. Every idea starts with me. What am I?

  • Isaac Newton
  • Imagination
  • I am
  • I

What comes before worm, mark, end, shelf and after face?

  • Wood
  • Room
  • Makeup
  • Book

I am on the USA & China flag. I come before Wars & Bucks. Who am I?

  • Stripes
  • Coffee
  • The colour red
  • Star

I mostly follow Q, but not in QATAR. You will find me twice in a queue. Who am I?

  • A
  • U
  • E
  • R

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